For Effective Business Correspondence

The solution – A.D.A.S.

Against the background of high-grade and flexible customer communications, ib-bank-systems GmbH developed the "Allgemeine Dokumenten Ausgabe System", or "A.D.A.S", which is a general correspondence system that generates high-quality and tamper-proof documents and makes these available to the back office. The simple and transparent operation, as well as the possibility of integrating A.D.A.S., in particular, into SAP Workflow enables it to be used cost-effectively in a business. Besides central document management, A.D.A.S also provides its own document archive and highly efficient mass printing as well as serial printing, including intelligent postage classes logic.

Companies use a large number of systems and technologies in order to cope with the growing number of in-company documents that are produced - automated or customised - for customer communication. In the course of this, the costs for the development and production of these documents goes up while, at the same time, there is a decrease in efficiency and flexibility due to the longer processing times. The particular challenge of using a correspondence system spans both customised and automated correspondence: 

  • Single printing and mass printing capabilities 
  • Problem-free integration into the legally leading ERP system, e.g. SAP modular template management 

A.D.A.S. Architekture

An overview of the performance features

  • A.D.A.S. is the comparatively cheapest alternative on the market (complete cost control through an optional flat rate).
  • A.D.A.S. has impressively short introduction times (project implementation, installation). A functioning prototype with interfaces etc. after just 3 days.
  • No additional software licences are necessary. 
  • The deployment of A.D.A.S. results in a significant reduction in processing and development costs.
  • A.D.A.S. has a browser-controlled graphical user interface and easy-to-use document output management.
  • Templates can be easily designed without any development expertise
  • Open standard interfaces (e. g. http:SOAP), automated transport system, two-stage system architecture (development/testing and production), excellent quality of layout through the use of a typesetting system
  • Mass printing with intelligent postage classes logic
  • Provision of tamper-proof text passages (pre-requisite: standard client programme IEAR)
  • Services
  • Specialist Banking Consulting
  • IT Consulting
  • Business Intelligence Competency
  • Application Management
  • Methodenkompetenz
  • Sector Expertise
  • Data Governance

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