BCL - The Test Case Library

The DP systems of the banks are subject to constant change. Release upgrades, or hot packages for the SAP systems have to be regularly implemented. This gives rise to frequent test runs.  

The systems have to be adapted to the amended statutory requirements of the banking authorities, or similar institutions and, subsequently, tested. Examples of this are Basel III, the new reporting guidelines for large exposures, or the amendments to financial reporting. Added to this, there are more new funding regulations in the development banking sector.  

A third reason for frequent testing are the requirements in the banks themselves that arise from the optimisation of a bank's internal processes.  

All these implementations with the ensuing test phases place demands on the specialist departments in terms of the constant efforts required for the testing, the high costs involved and the resulting strong pressure on the test resources.  

By optimising the test process and by using efficient test management tools, such as the SAP Solution Manager, or the HP Application Lifecycle Management Tool, it is possible to counteract the high test costs. 

Another important point with respect to reducing the cost of testing is the pooling of specialist and technical expertise when developing reusable test modules. Currently, in the Business Case Library there are already several hundred test cases, which are categorised according to their main subject focus and which can be reused for various test phases.


The ‘Business Case Library for Banks’ product is a library of reusable test cases for various SAP standard modules as well as for the ABAKUS software of the banking cooperation of the development institutions. The test cases are mapped in a thematic structure, which includes various grouping levels and features.  

This thematic structure together with the test cases is stored in a database and managed via a front-end application. Accordingly, for customer projects, the required test cases for the respective tool used in the project can now be made available.  

The Business Case Library, particularly in combination with our expertise in test management, is a very effective product. It can help your business

  • during the optimisation of the test process through the application of standardised automatic test specifications, 
  • by providing support for specialist testers via skilled test designers with bank-specific and functional and technical SAP expertise, 
  • by creating reusable test modules for efficient and transparent preparation and execution of tests.

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