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Certified SAP adapter for non-SAP DMS

After performing individual operations, the sector-specific business processes anticipate high quality business correspondence. For banks and insurance companies, in particular, the creation of business correspondence - with a volume of several 100 documents in one day, in some cases - is a normal part of daily business. That is why, besides an excellent correspondence system, in the ERP system it is important to have a service that can take on and deal with the most important operations for generating business correspondence. These include, primarily, template management, the selection of business data as well as various adapters and interfaces with the correspondence system.

We grouped all these elements together in a framework when we designed and developed ibbs//BusinessCorrespondenceServices, or "ibbs//BCS” for short, for an SAP ERP system, in order to guarantee the implementation of customer-specific requirements and to be able to integrate third-party correspondence products. 

SAP has a large number of modules from which business letters have to be generated. At the same time, a correspondence process is always required to operate in a contextual manner. Printing from Business Partner, from Loans Management, from Human Capital Management, or from customer-specific SAP add-ons can be mentioned here as examples. Specifically, moreover, not via the hitherto proprietary stand-alone solutions for each context but, instead, always via a global operator: our "ibbs//BCS“ product.

"ibbs//BCS“ is a framework for the integration of SAP Correspondence or third-party correspondence systems in a SAP ERP system. It is a completely object-oriented development with ABAP objects  (SAP Netweaver 7.00 ABAP).

The initialisation and production of business correspondence is possible from all SAP modules, such as GP, CML or HR, as well as from customer-specific SAP add-ons (e.g. ABAKUS - the development bank software).

Would you like to supply your non-SAP system such as an OMS solution, with SAP business data? Then, as a SAP customer, you will be on the safe side with "ibbs//BCS" because our product has been certified by SAP as an add-on for SAP NetWeaver Application Server 7.00.


For this reason, ib-bank-systems GmbH will be listed for the first time in the Application Development Partner Directory.

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