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ibbs//FiProG closes a gap for enhanced business-IT alignment at your company

Standardisation is an ongoing topic. Standardisation is associated with effectiveness and, therefore, with possible cost savings. To compensate for the loss of individual features that would be associated with standardisation, models such as SOA and BPM have been used for renewed flexibility in software development. There is mostly a conflict here between the business requirements and the IT challenges. Flexibility in the business processes and cost minimisation in IT.
Where SOA and BPM reach their limits we can help with ibbs//FiProG!
ibbs//FiProG is used at the first stage of development of financial products in the value creation chain of the financial business. 

Our ibbs//FiProG ensures transparency in the product portfolio, standardisation through reuse, or specialisation of already existing product components, optimises the NPP ("new products process"), gives an early indication of the expenses and time involved in a potential implementation and, therefore, ultimately, results in standardisation in both the business and IT.

ibbs//FiProG supplies a standardised meta model (ontology) for financial products. By using an ontology tool, on the basis of a model, it is possible to record the financial products of the product portfolio as ontology instances.


Henceforth, this database can then be used for the new development of financial products. In this case, the product designer can use the existing product components or specialise them. In this way, at this early stage already, standardisation also occurs. Transparency with respect to the portfolio increases.

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