Process Model for Selecting Software

Every change in enterprise architecture is presided over by a decision process. In the case of larger or key changes, in particular, decisions based on "gut instinct" are no longer possible. Frequently, the solutions are not directly comparable with each other. A methodical approach is required.

Our process model provides a reliable basis for decision-making processes with respect to selecting software and enables a fast, secure and needs-based possibility to filter out suitable products from a market overview.

During the process, tamper-proof and verifiable documentation of the individual phases is created.

"ibbs//VorMoSA“ is a multi-phase model that can be adapted for customer-specific needs, as required. Iterations can also be meaningful as, in the course of the process, new requirements arise, or no solution fully addresses the weighted requirements.

At the end of the process, the only points that remain for you to deal with are:

  • the creation of a detailed specification (or, optionally the production of a functional specification),
  • the creation of a prototype, or a test installation by the solution provider,
  • validation of the cost-benefit analysis on the basis of the newly obtained findings,
  • contract negotiations and
  • selecting a solution and planning the implementation project.
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