Incident, Change and Release Management (ITIL)

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"The IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is a collection of successful methods for the optimal implementation of IT Service Management (ITSM).“ Our ITSM stands for: providing initial assistance, remedying faults, debugging and fixing errors. We can offer you the the best possible support for your business processes. By monitoring and guaranteeing your business services, together we can achieve a high degree of efficiency, quality and cost effectiveness.

The range of our service support processes here spans from the "single point of contact“ for an IT user through to changes to IT infrastructures. Our service support processes ensure that all questions, complaints, requirements and demands for service are processed in an optimal way. To this end, our 'Incident , Change and Release Management' is available in each case.

The aim of our Incident Management is to restore the functionality of your SAP systems as quickly as possible (with the help of workarounds, too). In doing so, the specific details of the organisational as well as the legal and technical aspects have to be taken into consideration. Accepting and monitoring the tickets is the responsibility of our service desk.

Our Service Desk is the central contact point for all service requests. It connects customers with the service provider. Other entry channels for the operations of our Service Desk, besides telephone enquiries, are also requests sent by e-mail as well as other automated processes (e.g. SAP SOLMAN). Our Service Desk accepts and documents requests in the form of so-called faults (incidents), or tickets (change requests) and monitors their processing.

Our Change Management is responsible for setting up and managing the change process. The process includes logging, documentation, approval and monitoring and ensures that changes are planned and executed efficiently, cost effectively and with minimal risk. Only those changes that are planned and that have an appropriate timetable can be effectively controlled. To this end, it is essential to have a communication structure (e.g. a change advisory board) including fixed reporting.

Our Release Management ensures that business process interruption risks during configuration changes to existing systems, which are caused by poorly planned or insufficiently tested system configurations, are mitigated.

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