Data Management

Data have long been recognised as a key asset of every enterprise - this applies especially to businesses in the financial industry. In this regard, both the reporting requirements of national and European supervisory authorities as well as those of the internal control mechanisms of the different business divisions play a part.

SKS can provide you with support over your entire data life cycle - we provide single-source expertise that ranges from modelling through to the implementation of your IT solution. If you are looking for a technically adept sub-project manager for your database development team, or for an experienced test manager for your migration project, or a highly efficient developer, then we are the right partner for you.

Processes and Architecture

It is not uncommon for the current state of data supply processes to be the product of various, entirely separate developments and ad-hoc structures. Data with identical, or similar functional significance are made available at various points. The situation is similar in the case of methods. Moreover, reporting date congruence problems are compounded because of the different processing times for the data supply lines.

Based on an analysis of existing processes and systems and an assessment of your individual requirements, together with you, we can optimise system-wide data flows and data supply processes from the perspective of both the IT operations as well as compliance with regulatory requirements arising from BCBS 239, for example.  

Data Modelling

Our consultants can contribute experience both on the level of physical data modelling as well as on the level of a system-wide, functionally driven enterprise data modelling. Moreover, by virtue of their specialist expertise, our consultants are able to develop the required models directly with the contact persons in the specialist departments of your company. We derive the detailed models for an IT solution on the basis of function-oriented data modelling. As your professional implementation partner, we can provide support right up to the realisation of a forward-looking technical solution tailored to the needs of your company.

Application-specific Architecture and Implementation

By choosing the appropriate architecture for the realisation of your solution you create the framework for both successful implementation and a maintainable and future-proof application. Our consultants have many years' experience of realising IT projects at various financial services providers and with different database products. Based on this experience, we can help you to make the right decisions in your project. Besides providing direct support for your planned implementation, we can offer added value for your project by coaching database developers, by drawing up guidelines, or by introducing tools and development processes. Our database development expertise includes implementation across the different levels - from connecting to external systems, through data structures right up to business logic. 

SKS can provide you with support for your planned implementation on the basis of various technologies. As we are not tied to a particular manufacturer, or a specific tool, together with you, we can develop an optimal solution for your requirements here - irrespective of whether this involves the implementation of customised solutions, or the introduction and adaptation of standard solutions. 


For many years now, automated build and test processes during development have been an essential component of successful projects in the field of front-end and middleware development. These approaches can likewise be implemented in the development of the database environment and they enhance the quality of the solution that is produced as well as the trust in the result by those involved in the project. We would be pleased to contribute our experience, which we have gained in various projects in the area of build and test automation for databases, to your project.

A particular challenge for many projects is the compiling of test data that satisfy data protection requirements and, at the same time, other compliance provisions and are, nevertheless, appropriate for the performance of the necessary functional and technical tests. We can help you to deal with this, please contact us.

System Implementation and Data Migration

Frequently, the transfer of data from a legacy system is an important step during the implementation of new applications. Usually, the data are available in a different structure, to some extent there are data quality issues and, in many cases, the state of the documentation is not ideal - the migration thus becomes a challenge. Through our experience in various migration and implementation projects we have acquired the requisite expertise so that, together with you, we would be able to develop a goal-oriented migration strategy as well as detailed concepts for transferring the data. 

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