Regulatory Reporting

In current times, companies and financial institutions are under increasing pressure to provide regular reports on their capital and risk situations, in an automated standard format, to domestic and foreign authorities, regulators and stakeholders. On the one hand, the Common Reporting (CoRep) and Financial Reporting (FinRep) frameworks, which were issued by the European Banking Authority (EBA), set out the current standardised requirements for capital risk reports within the scope of European financial reporting. These frameworks have replaced all reporting guidelines that were hitherto applicable domestically and were supposed to be bindingly adopted by national regulators as of the first quarter 2014. On the other hand, since 2014, new EU Regulations have come into force with implementing provisions pertaining to the management of structural and economic projects carried out by development finance institutions -– these  rules are generally applicable in the EU member states. The situation is made more difficult by the increasing requirements with respect to data content, data quality and compliance, time and cost efficiencies as well as the need for both specialist and technical staff who are well acquainted with the current state of the regulations. In order for you to be able to meet the above-mentioned challenges successfully, we can provide advice, support and back-up based on our extensive know-how, gained through our wide project experience, as well as excellent specialist competency and in-depth IT expertise in subject areas such as:

  • Reporting directed at ministries and the EU Commission (i.a. EFRE and ESF)
  • Disclosure management (publication of reports)
  • Implementation of CoRep and FinRep standards at banks

Thanks to our services you can concentrate on your core businesses and significantly reduce the cost and effort involved in dealing with regulatory interpretation, data complexity and data availability. We can provide integrated consulting for strategy, requirements analyses, conceptualisation, implementation as well as operating your IT-based reporting systems. Our approach is always underpinned by our philosophy: reliability and flexibility so that the negative impact on your productivity from future regulatory changes will be minimal.

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