Reporting Systems and Analysis

Reporting constitutes a key and sector-specific challenge for every company. In order to be able to fulfil their roles successfully within a company, the different decision makers on each level need relevant informational content in an appropriate format and, moreover, this has to be completely up-to-date. On the one hand, a modern and automated in-house reporting system is desirable. On the other hand, end users also demand reporting tools that are easy to operate and have a certain degree of flexibility. In view of the ever-increasing growth in the size and complexity of industry and business there is a call for, in particular, more information, new aggregation levels and different views, while the accuracy and consistency of the content of the data has to be guaranteed.

The fulfilment of all these requirements is the defined goal of modern reporting systems whose spectrum ranges from standardised reports, through parameterised and ad-hoc analyses right up to expanded and comprehensive data visualisations.

Moreover, on the basis of reports that are directly comparable, an integral reporting system offers the possibility of identifying irregularities, or where further action needs to be taken. Additionaly this allows for a deeper look at the data contents, step by step, in order to search for the core of a particular issue. Our consultants possess the right expertise both at the specialist as well as the technical levels and are able to provide complete support to clients . This ranges from requirements analysis regarding contents of the reports, the technical conceptual design of the reporting system, the implementation of the data management system as well as the selection and operation of the reporting tool that is appropriate for them. In our experience, a decisive factor is the implementation and use of renowned, stable and efficient tools, including:

  • SAP BEx Analyzer
  • SAP BEx Web Analyzer
  • SAP BO Analyzer (Office Edition)
  • SAP BO Crystal Reports
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