All about your Data Governance

Regulatory requirements have massively ramped up the pressure throughout the financial sector. Competitors want to secure their share of the market. The hype of digitization calls for innovative strategies. All manner of risks are multiplying exponentially... They’re all important considerations to bear in mind when identifying reliable and sustainable data governance solutions.

In recent years, many system-relevant banks have already launched, successfully implemented or are in the process of implementing a number of major projects related to data governance. The challenge is now transforming the activities related to banks’ data governance projects into a permanent line management responsibility with established processes and functions that work.

Some smaller non-system-relevant banks, on the other hand, still have some catching up to do when it comes to data governance basics. The current situation ranges from "there is something rudimentary" to ongoing or already implemented project activities.

It is about integrating the effort previously made into day-to-day business and developing it further, because BCBS 239 is not just regulation, but the best chance to establish "data & information as new company value".

What’s the status quo?

  • Have you started harnessing the potential of your data?
  • Do you monitor the quality of your data?
  • Do you map the lifecycle of your data?
  • How do you deal with change in data and new data requirements?
  • Do you understand the purpose and the content of your reporting?
  • Do you know who is responsible for it?
  • How digital have you gone?
  • What strategies are you pursuing?

The key factor here is not only the regulatory system, your objectives for the future are!

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