Data Governance Compliance Check

Invest a ton of time with pilot and follow-up studies and analyses to determine the status of your data governance compliance?

We’ve designed a new procedure to help determine the status of your institution that’s effective, efficient and transparent.

Analyzing documents and conducting interviews

  1. Targeted request for documentation pertinent to your data governance activities.

  2. Initial assessment of your compliance status and preparation of interviews based on documents analyzed.

  3. Targeted and tool-supported interview sessions. Our clearly formulated questions get straight to the point!



Consolidating and analyzing the information gathered

  1. Consolidated the results gathered, potentially clarifying any open questions.

  2. Presenting the interview results in our tool transparently. Coordination and acceptance of the interview results.

  3. Detailed assessment of your regulatory compliance.



Documenting the results

  1. Preparing a presentation (also for dissemination to other stakeholders) on the agreed and current compliance status.

  2. Final presentation.

  3. Documentation delivery: results of the analysis with recommended actions and best practice approaches.


The Data Governance Assessment Tool we’ll design for you to test your current status based on regulatory requirements.

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