IT Architecture and Software Architecture

In the last few years, IT architecture and software architecture, as well as the issues arising from these, have gained significantly in importance and, in the meanwhile, have become a key discipline in software and systems development. While good software systems design is not a new objective, the guidelines and tools for good design, which follows these guidelines, have however only recently been specified. 

These days, the increasing complexity of software systems development requires orderly and explicit access to software modelling in order to cope with the new technological possibilities as well as with the associated growing requirements for the software system and, moreover, to create solutions that are flexible and extendable and that will also be capable of meeting future demands. 

It is no longer enough to create a solution for certain requirements; instead, the components of a good solution have to be extendable, easily maintained and also applicable in a different usage context. In order to implement such requirements, the technologies for the architectural design of software systems have to be developed, integrated into the development process and continuously updated.

Factors such as cost and time are increasingly critical and tight for software developments and, furthermore, they have to be implemented in conjunction with a new dimension of complexity with respect to the interaction of many software parts (e.g. subsystems). It is therefore essential, more than ever, to think about the design and the development (i.e. evolution) of a software system from the outset. The architecture of a software system provides an essential description for understanding the system.

Architectural decisions, frequently made in the early phases of a project on the basis of insufficient information and under time pressure, often have far-reaching consequences, which tend to materialise only much later, however. Thus, for complex projects it is particularly important to use experienced architects at an early stage.


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