Project Management

Competent project management, besides professional expertise, is a key success factor for every IT project and particularly for the implementation of regulatory requirements. 

Our project managers believe that the implementation of the project management process and the requisite behavioural competence are highly relevant for the successful and transparent realisation of a project. In this respect, the project management process, from initiation through the definition, planning and control of the project right up to its completion, ensures that this approach is both effective and efficient. This applies to a wide variety of projects - from preliminary studies right up to the implementation or the replacement of systems.

In client projects, SKS project managers take over different functions, such as, overall project management as well as sub-project management, technical project management, or also functions in the project management office. By pooling many years of experience, a thorough knowledge of project methodology and continuous management of both quality and risk, we create a basis for achieving your project goals to the satisfaction of all clients and taking into account the time and budgetary framework.

In terms of the nomenclature of the National Competence Baseline of the German Project Management Association (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Projektmanagement e.V., GPM), SKS project managers have experience in the following competence elements:


Project Management - Technical Competence

Proven technical and methodological competence in the project management process helps to define clear project goals and demonstrates due regard for the opportunities and risks. 

By using quality management to continuously improve the project outcomes and processes we can help you to achieve the goals to your satisfaction.

Professional project planning and control as well as adequate reporting create the requisite transparency for the management.


Project Management - Behavioural Competence

Social competence enables our project managers to lead and motivate project teams even in difficult project situations.

In the course of this, our staff support the achievement of project success through open-mindedness, assertiveness and results orientation.

Moreover, in difficult situations, support is also available in the form of effective conflict and crisis management, which helps to turn the problems here into solvable challenges.


Project Management - Contextual Competence

Knowledge of regulatory matters as well as the issues and extensive software development experience round out the competence profile of the project managers at SKS.  

Our certified project managers are proficient in both classic as well as flexible project methods and our staff have already demonstrated these skills in a large number of projects.

Your advantages:

  • As a partner for the implementation of regulatory requirements, SKS can provide you with both expert and project management support to help you achieve your goals
  • You can benefit from the many years of experience that the SKS project leaders have gained while managing projects for financial services providers
  • Qualified and certified project managers mean that projects will be implemented efficiently and transparently.


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