Bausparkassen (Building Societies)

Your specialists for Bausparkasse (building society) topics

    • Implementation of SAP CRM, BP, CML, CMS and BW at a Bausparkasse
    • Collective merger of AXA Bausparkasse with another Bausparkasse
    • Implementation of loans payable and application of funds calculations at a Bausparkasse
    • Setting up and implementation of automated rules for grouping receivables for sale into pools
    • Merger of HUK/ Aachener Bausparkasse (migration/ integration)
    • Expert consulting (business analysis) and training for Bausparkassen
    • Business and technical support for the development of iBS BASS
    • Support for the recording and evaluation of all the processes of two Bausparkassen
    • Strategy and system consulting with respect to the introduction of new software components, or mergers
    • Management of cutover and migration as well as the integration of peripheral systems
    • FB and IT transformations to the new environments (e.g. training, info boards, etc.)
    • PMO support

    We can offer you

    • More than 15 years of Bausparkasse expertise
    • More than 12 years of SAP at Bausparkassen expertise
    • Services
    • Specialist Banking Consulting
    • IT Consulting
    • Business Intelligence Competency
    • Application Management
    • Methodenkompetenz
    • Sector Expertise
    • Data Governance

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