Development Banks

„We "are" a development bank

As our history shows, our employee base originally came directly from the development banks. That is why we have a particular understanding of these special requirements and are able to implement them for you in a product-specific and optimal way.

ABAKUS - A solution for development banks

SAP/ABAKUS - an integrated, overall IT system, which covers the business activities of an investment bank in the fields of both values as well as operations and, at the same time, is based on existing standards.

ABAKUS is an extendable software product, which is geared towards the life cycle of a development bank product, that is used by the banking cooperation, which also manages the licensing. ABAKUS, which was created in the SAP R/3 development environment, can map the entire range of products of a development institution (a development bank, a ministry, a development agency, or other institution with a development mandate) with all the requirements pertaining to funding regulations and supervision. ABAKUS supplements the SAP banking module with additional business processes and functions that are specific to development banks. The main advantages of ABAKUS are the needs-based design of the processes as well as the flexible support and optimisation of the processing procedures.

ABAKUS - Your benefits

  • Savings in both time and cost through standardisation of the processing procedures
  • Transparency about the processing status of an application
  • All functions are fully integrated in the enterprise data model
  • Consolidated IT system - ABAKUS is now used by nine development institutions
  • Complete mapping of specific characteristics of development funding

Our services

Our experienced and qualified consultants can provide you with support in all phases of the implementation of SAP/ABAKUS. 

  • Clarification of all formal and organisational requirements in order to guarantee stringent project execution in the subsequent phases
  • Analysis of the functionality of the standard software within the context of the institution, functional extensions/adjustments, interfaces
  • Implementation of the functional and DP concepts and of the customisation
  • Test management determination and specification
  • Definition of productive times
  • Interim phase after going live
  • Documentation of project outcomes/partial outcomes
  • Services
  • Specialist Banking Consulting
  • IT Consulting
  • Business Intelligence Competency
  • Application Management
  • Methodenkompetenz
  • Sector Expertise
  • Data Governance

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