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When ib-bank-systems GmbH was founded, in 2002, the scope of the application processes topic primarily covered the perspective of a bank. In accordance with the requirements at that time, comprehensive processes for the close management of staff were defined and developed. When financial products are highly standardised then this is also relatively simple. With increasing flexibilisation the processes became too rigid and, thus, inflexible. Over the years, the processes changed from close management and complex procedures to optimised procedures and greater flexibility for processing. As a consequence of this, other aspects have in turn come to the fore, e.g. data quality assurance.  
With our wealth of specialist and methodological experience, going back more than 10 years, we would be pleased to advise you and to find the right application processes for you, or to optimise your existing ones.

Our services

  • Optimisation of application processes (e.g. in accordance with Six Sigma or best practice approaches)
  • Implementation of application processes, e.g. with the SAP add-on ABAKUS (which stands for 'Aktuelles Förderbanken Antrags- und Kundensystem', or real-time application and customer management system for development banks), or iBS-FIS
  • Data quality assurance as a direct part of the process, or also via offline alternatives

Customer focus

Starting with the new funding period for the European Structural Funds, the customer perspective has been added. This is because a major aspect of the regulation relates to the topic of IT systems and 'e-Cohesion'. There are calls here for a far-reaching implementation of electronic processing of grants and subsidies from the Structural Funds. This means that the focus here is on, for example, entering funding data 'only once', submitting documents in digital form, digital signatures, data protection and consistent data evaluations. In our opinion, these requirements can be implemented with Web-based applications. In any case, the customer centricity makes it is necessary to have applications that are easily understandable as well as processes that are effective. Depending on the nature of the requirements, different approaches to the solutions are possible:

  • An inbox in a protected area for the exchange of data via social media-based solutions
  • Standard software, such as, e.g. SAP OAM (Online Application Management)
  • Solutions on the basis of BPM frameworks in combination with portal systems, e.g. SAP BPM and SAP NetWeaver Portal, the Camunda BPM platform, etc.

We will find the right solution for you!

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