Management of Grants and Subsidies

The management of grants and subsidies includes the monitoring as well as the planning and control of the grants and subsidies that have been assigned. This serves both to make available the funds in the grant/subsidy application processing procedure,  as well as as to control the usage and for the purposes of accounting and reporting vis à vis the funding providers.

The management of grants and subsidies is an extensive and complex topic. A high degree of automation in combination with an ERP system is essential for efficient processing.

In view of our history and our partnerships, we are well-positioned to provide you with support as regards the following points:

  • Specialist and DP conceptual designs for all issues within the context of the management of grants and subsidies
  • Advice for our customers with respect to functions and content right up to finding solutions
  • Realisation and implementation starting with simple requirements right up to the complete module for the management of grants and subsidies (e.g. ABAKUS-FMV, iBS-FIS…)



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