Receivables Management

An important part of your business

Despite the current stagnation in the number of insolvencies, the demands on risk management are growing, in particular, with respect to the requirements related to the reporting of risk positions and risk portfolios.

Moreover, it is precisely in the banking sector that the, hitherto mostly under-prioritised, areas of customer care, restructuring of exposures and enforcement are becoming more and more important.

Therefore, optimal solutions for reducing costs and time and for creating transparency are absolutely essential.

In the area of receivables management, we can create added value for our customers because we combine specialist expertise with IT skills.

In the non-performing loans (NPL) sector, we bring together regulatory requirements, risk management, procedural issues related to loan and collateral management as well as the implementation / integration of a receivables management tool into an existing SAP environment and develop an optimal and profitable solution  for you and your business.
With an optimised and functioning receivables management system we can achieve the following for you:

  • Enhance financial ratios
  • Create success factors and productivity gains
  • Improve the liquidity situation
  • reduce debt financing and tied-up capital
  • Create transparency in payment transactions
  • Services
  • Specialist Banking Consulting
  • IT Consulting
  • Business Intelligence Competency
  • Application Management
  • Methodenkompetenz
  • Sector Expertise
  • Data Governance

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